Web3 Wallet Link

About the Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link

As the demand for Web3 accessibility and usage grows, more users want to use dApps directly to manage their NFTs, get rewards, and more. The Fireblocks Web3 Wallet Link allows your users to connect their Fireblocks Non Custodial Wallet addresses directly to Web3 applications (dApps), without your users needing to use their own wallet or any other application. This enables you to offer your users one-stop shopping for anything related to crypto and Web3.

Creating a Web3 connection

The Web3 Wallet Link currently supports WalletConnect connections. WalletConnect is a well-established standard for connecting wallets and Web3 applications and is supported by all of the leading dApps today.

When a user wants to connect to a dApp, they scan a QR code provided by WalletConnect inside the dApp. This QR code contains a URI that represents the connection session to be established between the dApp and the wallet. Passing this URI onto Fireblocks using the API allows the connection to be successful.


For Web3 Wallet Link code examples, please follow the guide below: