What's new in 2.3.0

In version 2.3.0, we made significant performance improvements in key generation and transactions signing.

For additional tips on enhancing overall performance, refer to our documentation here.

What's new in 2.2.0

In version 2.2.0, we added the ability to work with multiple devices in a single wallet.

For more information about multiple devices, refer to our documentation here.

What's new in 2.1

In version 2.1, we added a safer backup and recovery mechanism.

Breaking change

Version 2.1 introduces a breaking change since the following two functions in the interface will receive different parameters:

  • backupKeys
  • recoverKeys

You can find details about the implementation in our ios-ncw-demo repo and more information about the backup procedure here.

Upgrade guidelines

When upgrading to version 2.1 and later, you should require the user to run another backup procedure so that the new encrypted backup share on the Fireblocks servers will be associated with a passphraseId.