MPC Keys Generation

Once the user is logged in we can initiate the process of creating the MPC key shares.
The current supported algorithm is MPC_CMP_ECDSA_SECP256K1 which is the MPC CMP version of the secp256k1 curve with ECDSA algorithm that is supported by Bitcoin and EVM based blockchains.

Fireblocks NCW SDK exposes the generateMPCKeys method for the keys generation process.
The process is asynchronous and should be handled as described in the 'Asynchronous Model' section of the Architecture guides.

  • First we need to specify the algorithm for the generated key:

// Get the MPC Key algorithm
const getDefaultAlgorithems = (): Set<TMPCAlgorithm> => {
  const algorithms = new Set<TMPCAlgorithm>();
  return algorithms;


  • Call the generateMPCKeys method:

await fireblocksNCW.generateMPCKeys(algorithms);