You either need to install one of our API Software Development Kits (SDKs) or use the Fireblocks API for direct communication between your backend server and our API. We provide official Python and JavaScript SDKs:

Web SDK Installation

Install the Fireblocks JS SDK using npm:

npm i @fireblocks/ncw-js-sdk

Or yarn:

yarn add @fireblocks/ncw-js-sdk

You can find the web demo code here.

Android SDK Installation

First, add our maven repository configuration to your settings.gradle file:

repositories {
       maven {
            url ""
            name = "android-sdk"
            credentials(HttpHeaderCredentials) {
                name = "Deploy-Token"
                value = "-fU8ijmuPohHaqDBgpaT"
            authentication {

Then, add the Fireblocks SDK dependency to your application's build.gradle file using the most updated version:

implementation "com.fireblocks.sdk:ncw:2.3.0"
  • You can find the Android Demo code here.
  • You can find the Android SDK JavaDocs here.

iOS SDK Installation

First, in your iOS Project, add the Fireblocks SDK Swift Package:

Then, after the SDK package is added to the project, you should see it under the Package Dependencies section in the Project Navigator:

Lastly, import the FireblockSDK:

import Foundation
import FireblocksSDK
  • You can find the iOS demo code here.
  • You can find the iOS SDK Docs here.