Asset Management

Getting the asset list

Call the Retreive supported assets endpoint to view the list of assets available to your workspace. The response includes the Fireblocks assetId which is used when you add assets.

If you're looking into quickly viewing the supported asset list, you can view the Supported Networks page.

Adding assets

You add assets via the Fireblocks SDK. Unless your Fireblocks Customer Success Manager and Fireblocks Support allow an exception, Fireblocks requires you to complete the backup procedure for each wallet before you can add any assets.


A note on Backup Enforcement

If your workspace is already running in a Production environment, key backup enforcement is enabled by default. However, it is not enabled by default in Sandbox environments to allow for an easier integration process.

Due to the above, when you attempt to call the Active a wallet in a vault account endpoint, you must first go through this backup flow.


const address = await this.clients.signer.NCW.activateWalletAsset(  
curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

Note in the code example above that the accountId parameter runs an index created by the await admin.NCW.createWalletAccount(walletId) function. In our demo, we always use accountId 0 for simplicity.