iOS SDK Errors

Error CodeError Message
100Unknown error
102Failed to download certificates
106Missing algorithms
107Missing private keys
108Failed to upload logs
109Failed to send version
200Timeout during key creation, didn't get startup message
201Unknown algorithm
202Failed to generate key, key exists in server but not on the device
203Timeout during key creation
204Failed to send public key
205Failed to request key
206Failed to enroll player
207Failed to create key
300Failed to request end-user takeover
301Failed to takeover keys
302Timeout during key takeover
400Failed to export keys
401Missing public keys
402Missing public key
403Failed to derive asset key
404Missing cloud private keys
405Missing chain code
406Missing private key
407Failed to export key, recovered PublicKey is not equal to the original PublicKey
408Failed to export key
500Failed to sign transaction, unknown txId
501Error during transaction signing creation, didn't get start signing message
502Failed to sign transaction
503Timeout during transaction signing
600Backup not available
601Failed to recover keys
700Failed to get key IDs
701Missing key IDs in server for backup
702We have a discrepancy between valid key IDs between server and client
703Failed to backup keys, missing keys
704Failed to backup key
705Invalid passphrase error
800Invalid add device setup data
900Failed to join wallet
901Timeout during join wallet
902Join wallet was stopped
1000Failed to approve join wallet
1001Timeout during approve join wallet
1002No keys to provision
1003Approve join wallet was stopped