API Errors


This page covers API errors associated with the Fireblocks Embedded Wallet. For more information about other Fireblocks API errors, visit our Fireblocks API Reference.

Every error is accompanied by the correct HTTP error code and a message structured as follows:

	error: 'HTTP Error description',
	message: 'Error message'

4XX errors

400 - Bad Request

Error NameError Message
No active webhook subscriptionsThe workspace was not configured with a Webhook endpoint that is required for NCW async communication.
Unsupported algorithmThe provided algorithm for MPC key generation is not supported. Learn more here.
Pagination limit too largeThe provided pagination limit parameter is higher than 50.
Validation failed (numeric string is expected)The API call was made with an invalid NCW wallet identifier or account ID.

403 - Forbidden

Error NameError Message
Wallet disabledThe requested NCW is disabled. Learn more here.
Device disabledThe requested device is disabled. Learn more here.
Tenant disabledThe entire Fireblocks workspace is disabled.

404 - Not Found

Error NameError Message
Wallet not foundThe provided wallet ID was not found.
Device not foundThe provided device ID was not found.
Tenant not foundThe provided tenant ID was not found.

409 - Conflict

Error NameError Message
Incomplete MPC SetupThe MPC Key generation was not completed.
Ongoing setup already in motionMPC Key generation ceremony is in process.

1XXX errors

1000 - Incomplete Wallet

Error NameError Message
Incomplete WalletNone of the devices in the Wallet have a COMPLETE status. Learn more here.

1001 - Incomplete Device

Error NameError Message
Incomplete DeviceThe device key status is in status INCOMPLETE. Learn more here.

1002 - Incomplete Backup

Error NameError Message
Incomplete BackupThe device key was not backed up. Learn more about backups here and multiple algorithms here.

1003 - Unsupported Algorithms

Error NameError Message
Unsupported AlgorithmsThe Algorithm is not supported by the workspace. Learn more here.